Welcome to Custom Upholstery by Manuel Durazo in Tempe Arizona. We have been in the furniture restoration business for over 30 years, servicing the Greater Phoenix area and satisfying customers with our professional craftsmanship and great service.

Is Upholstery for you?

Upholstery is certainly not an option for the majority of us. It makes better sense to drive to any local furniture store, pick out a sofa style, choose a fabric color (sometimes), pay for your purchase and drive it home (sometimes all on the very same day). So why re-upholster your furniture?

Upholstered sofas and chairs were once relegated the very few who could afford to have their prized antiques covered in elegant fabrics. Over the years, the craft evolved and upholstered furniture became more common. Now, they just don't make furniture the way the used too, when furniture was carefully crafted and the wood used to make it was especially chosen to serve as the foundation and base. Wood frames were both durable and strong. Today and in most places, that same durable and strong wood is no longer used. Manufactures rely and cheap, low-quality materials and fast assembly line production to put their furniture together; as a result, newer sofas are less durable and last but a few years. Furniture (sofas) also age with time. The foam loses its firmness over the years, fabric becomes worn, innersprings come loose with repetitive wear and designs become obsolete. Custom upholstery not only restores furniture to its original quality, but it also brings it up to date with today's newer trends in fabric color, texture and patterns. There's also the home decoration and coordinating factor. You can actually control what everything looks like, by matching your window treatments with your sofa and perhaps that great antique chair or ottoman you refused to part with! Upholstery is just one essential piece in the redecoration of your beautiful home.

Custom Upholstery by Manuel Durazo has remained a small and intimate company for over 30 years. You can be assured that your valued furniture won't get lost in the maze of an assembly line. My staff will ensure your furniture is cared for throughout the restoration process. Don't hesitate to call us if custom upholstery is for you.

We offer free estimates and guidance in helping you choose an option that's suitable for your needs. We can help you choose upholstery fabrics, find a fabric store or just settle on buying a new sofa.